Stress Relief Gift Set

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Stress Relief Gift Set

We have created a set of products that will help you get through these crazy stressful times.  Lavender is known for its relaxing properties, and we say everyone needs all the relaxation they can get right now!

Brew yourself a cup of soothing lavender tea with our natural homegrown Culinary Lavender Buds. Soak away your worries in a bath with our Lavender Bath Salts, spray down your linens with Sleepy Bees Pillow Mist, (which includes lavender, jasmine, and chamomile essential oils) to help you drift into sleep easily.  We have also included 2 ounces of Whipped Lavender  Body Butter for the ultimate skin hydration, a Sweet Relief Lavender Roll-On for your pulse points, a Lavender Sachet for your drawers or closets and a lavender washcloth. 

Tip: You can steep some lavender buds, let the water cool, soak the washcloth, wring it out and cover your eyes for even more relaxation!!

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