Lavender Lovers Gift Basket

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Lavender Lovers Gift Basket

Do you have a lavender lover in your life?  A real lavender fan?  We have the ultimate set for you!  The Lavender Lovers Gift Basket.  This huge collection gives you ample opportunity to immerse yourself in lavender.  Pamper yourself with luxurious lotions, butter, and scrubs.  Soak in fizzy essential oils. Indulge your sense of smell with candles, melts, and linen spray. Take advantage of the relaxing and calming effects of lavender essential oils in all of these products. This amazing set is a great gift for yourself and others!  

This Cadillac of Lavender Sets contains 1Large Body Wash, 1 Large Body Lotion, 1 Linen Spray, 1 Bar Soap, 1 Large Sugar Scrub, 1 Large Body Butter, 1 Large Candle, 1 package Wax Melts, 2 large Lavender Bath Bombs, 1 Lavender Lip Balm, and a cute mesh sponge.


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